Apr 14

WSOP 2011 Main Event Day 3 – World Series Of Poker LIVE – two hours before the dinner break on day 3

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Mar 14

WSOP 2012-Shuffle Up And Deal!!! The First Hand!

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Feb 14

WSOP 2012: The Notorious Shaun The Dealer

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Feb 14

Celebrity players

In October of 2004, the star as the Spider-Man establishment showed his poker aptitudes by winning the Phil Hellmuth Poker Tournament of Invitational. He likewise got $95,480 for the win, creating Andy Bellin comment to Phil Hellmuth that he could be the next big thing in poker. He has won huge amounts of cash on occasions and has gained lessons from poker expert Daniel Negreanu. Furthermore remember that he’s mainly been playing genuinely since 2004.

James Woods

Having featured in films, for example Salvador and Another Day in Paradise, James Woods is one of America’s most regarded performing artists. Furthermore not just is he a natural face in poker rooms the nation over, he’s additionally the substance of another poker site. Their offering focus is that players have an opportunity to match poker wits with top stars like Woods.

Mimi Rogers

When Mimi Roger’s not featuring in hits like Lost in Space and Austin Powers, she moonlights as an extremely good and exceptional poker player. Tom Cruise’s ex took in front of the pack on a scene of Hollywood Home Game, and additionally completed in the cash throughout the Tour’s Shooting of World Poker Star Championship.

Wil Wheaton

Wheaton plays in huge cash diversions in Los Angeles constantly, is a regular member in online poker rooms, and was even welcomed to play in the World Poker Tour Championship. He is additionally a part of Team Pokerstars and played in the 2005 World Series of Poker.

Gabe Kaplan

Best known for his part on Welcome Back Kotter, Gabe Kaplan is such an expert poker player, to the point that most no more extended view him as a “star” player. His first World Series of Poker manifestation came in 1978. In 2004, he completed third at the World Poker Tour’s No Limit Hold’em occasion, winning more than $250,000 simultaneously.

Jan 14

WSOP 2011 Episode 1 Grudge Matches Part 1

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Dec 13

World series of poker 2011 Main Event Final Table Part1 TOP 9 to 4

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Dec 13

Layne Flack

Layne Flack is an American professional poker player, living in Montana and Nevada. He got together with Johnny Chan who helped him enhance his amusement and, taking after an enormous misfortune, swayed Flack to guarantee he had a mess of rest soon after a competition. He has likewise been guided by Huck Seed. Starting 2010, he has charmed USD 4,300,000 in live competition play. His 23 changes at the WSOP represent USD 2,318,537 of his live competition spoils.

Conceived in South Dakota and acted like an adult in Montana. Layne claimed and worked card rooms all around the state of Montana. He chose to take the Tournament World on. Generally he goes to the major occasions and can regularly be discovered at the Final table. He has 6 World Series of Poker wrist trinkets incorporating the 2003 USD 2500 Omaha Hilo and USD 1,500 Hold’em Shootout. In 2002 he earned the epithet “Back to Back Flack” when he won the USD 1,500 No Limit and USD 2000 No Limit Hold’em. He also was the champion at the 1999 USD 3000 Pot Limit Hold’em. He set third spot in the USD 5,000 Omaha Hilo and had a second spot fulfil in the 1998 USD 2,000 No Limit Hold’em.

Some of Layne’s other later achievements might be first at the 2003 in Omaha Hilo with Four Classic Queens and Bellagio Classic Five Diamond, which was held for the first time at the WPT Invitational, and for the second time at the Finals of World Poker at Foxwoods Casino, and second at the Ultimate Bet Aruba. Flack has won six wristbands at the WSOP. He got the moniker “Back to Back Flack” in the wake of winning two back to back WSOP occasions in2002.

Flack has made various presences on the World Poker Tour and has caught one Wpt title. He occupied the second spot at the 2002 World Poker Finals with USD 186,900. He was declared winner at the wpt Invitational Tournament with USD 125,000. He received the second prize at the 2004 Ultimatebet.com Poker Classic, amounting USD 500,000. He was placed at the eight position at the 2008 Legends of Poker with USD 105,620.

Nov 13

WSOPE 2012 Final Table part 5 – 6 World Series of Poker EUROPE 2012

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