WSOP 2011 Episode 1 Grudge Matches Part 1

Poker Dreams Video clip Ranking: five / 5

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  1. it feels like 1989 all over again haha

  2. @08lum08 you played so weak :P

  3. @Mago945 You’re the only person I know that likes Phil Hellmuth

  4. johnny chans daughters hot!

  5. @Mago945 wrong on so many levels

  6. phil played so bad hes so weak

  7. Aleksandar Aleksiev

    Phil hellmut was very unlucky but I think he is the best pokerplayer
    worldwide… :) Phil.. you played better, and you play better than Jonny…
    I’m your fun and I hope you will revenge… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 2:40 phil punches like a girl

  9. phil played so bad hes so weak

  10. @Mago945 Phil sucked in this match