WSOP 2011 Episode 25 Main Event Day 7 3/4 World Series of Poker 2011

Poker Goals Video Ranking: five / five

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  1. so glad sands is out, hes so annoying

  2. Barnhart has great instincts.

  3. Bounahra is annoying

  4. J 10…you idiot…LMAO…sand should have it as his ringtone…

  5. LMAO J10…. you idiot

  6. WOW Makiiesvkyi got a big set of balls to pull out that re-raise, awesome move.

  7. MeetYourMakersTV

    From what I have seen so far, Makiievsky is the best player left in the field along with Lamb and Collins. He is playing just so well and reading even better!

  8. i hope the short stack guy that keeps goin all in wins the whole thing lol