WSOP 2011 Main Event Part 7, Day 4 (2011 World Series of Poker Episode 13)

Poker Dreams Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. 43:15 (Norman Chad talking about Rousso’s bad beat)

    “Who knows how deep she goes, and who knows when you get into that position again.”

    Do you think that was intentional?

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  3. I want beefjerky now!


  5. Fuck I hate Vanessa Rousso.

  6. you cant blame poker for wanting that

  7. Andre Ladouceur sighting at 7:20. Always neat to see cameos in different years.

  8. Damn, that Vanessa girl was extremely unlucky! I’d sya she made all the right calls (except maybe for that last one).

  9. Whats the intro song?

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  11. A straddle, Norm. It’s called a straddle….

  12. You can’t really blame poker for wanting to ‘fuck’ her xD

  13. Is the word that Norm is trying to think of ’stradle’? :’)

  14. Hes a fuckin gay cunt if i was here id of asked to move tables as soon as i saw him

  15. Vanessa ran into AA and KK but got away from both without blowing her entire stack. That’s good play right there, she can stay out of the kitchen. For now. Lol.

  16. Well can you blame poker? I mean it it is Vanessa Rousso.

  17. wow that faggot in the red shirt obviously wants to get it in with vanessa. “It was an honor to play with you vanessa.” “Good call vanessa.”

    And then he whines about tv time and other nonsense, i hope he gets knocked out soon, he seems like a douche and less of a poker player.

  18. idk how bellande can even play a single hand of poker, he looks like he’s about to have a heart-attack after every move/decision/flop/turn/etc.

  19. nachman berlin is a fucking retard

  20. cool story bro

  21. Chad is the best

  22. I just don’t understand Vanessa’s call for over 200k with A,K if you have 1M in chips. Even if Bach had just middle pair it is still approximately 50 to 50 chance …. so I don’t see the point in calling that preflop.

  23. Poor Vanessa :o

  24. “whyeee?” lmao

  25. against a good draw? Straight or Flush Draw?
    She could also think he may have J 10 and he thinks that she has a draw and so she pushes.
    After this bad beat against her and the other bad hand before i can understand her push…