WSOP 2011 Players Championship part 1/2 (World Series Of Poker 2011)

Poker Goals Video clip Ranking: five / five

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  1. theeaterofpie

    hellmuth is such a cunt, he is my least favourite of poker players.

  2. speedball1919

    7:28 = Mr. Hellmuth

  3. speedball1919

    13:11 I knew we were playing poker! haahaha
    Your the best Norman!!

  4. Yohance Bailey

    20:37 im sure rast’s girlfriend with the giant fake breasts is only interested in him and not his millions of dollars and wanting to come to america.

  5. glantz stop crying like a lil bitch you idiot.
    what a joke.

  6. dang Brian’s girlfriend is hot :)

  7. I’ve missed Norman Chad’s commentating.