WSOP 2012: The Notorious Shaun The Dealer

Poker Desires Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. 2:05 why did she say “Infamous” dealer? Was there something that Shaun did
    badly in Poker dealing?

  2. nice guy!

  3. Barbara Sutherland

    I have been dealing poker for over 30 years and i’m writing this to tell
    you that I know I am very compitant dealer in my own right I can deal any
    game and every limit with perfection but watching Shaun deal makes me look
    like an amuture he is the best

  4. Champion bloke

  5. I think he dealt in the charity tourney I was in out at the Palms last

  6. she is so annoying. she always says I’m with the man, the one, the only,
    the myth, the legend bla bla . sorry girl but get back to the kitchen cause
    you cant be a hostess

  7. wait, hes trying to play now?

  8. Barbara Sutherland

    my name is Barry Bergida I was the one who typed the last message

  9. cool guy

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  11. Yeah he’s a great dealer. I like bel and d-rod too

  12. he sucks! he dealt me to jokers last wsop, jerk!