WSOPE 2012 Final Table part 5 – 6 World Series of Poker EUROPE 2012

Poker Desires Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. Can you do me a huge favour and…………..SHUT THE FUCK UP, you have
    commented on every one of these videos. SHUT THE FUCK UP

  2. I’ve never seen a dealer push the cards on the deal like the woman dealer
    in this video

  3. Lon, it’s NOT “Bear-ee-air”; it’s “Bar—”

  4. Hellmuth responded “Pretty good guess” to Albertini’s “Jacks?” question, I
    thought that Hellmuth had JT. First, he responded, but he delayed doing so,
    which is a sign that he is thinking of how to lie.

  5. “You know what I’m sayin’?”

  6. Albertini with set of 9s on flop seemed to have forgotten that Baranov is a

  7. Boris Vakarelski

    5:48 gg midget

  8. Steven Vanderhispallie

    5:53: “wut? dont i get a handshake? :| ” x’D

  9. joesph chong should won it such a good playerjus ran real bad

  10. It is true. People make the mistake of underrating him, which is something
    you should never do, no matter how good you think you are.

  11. i’m also impressed, he’s mixing it up to the point of noobness and getting
    away with it was massive.

  12. [you're]

  13. phil has enough braclets joesph deserves it

  14. Spoiler alert underneath

  15. For me Hellmuth is such a douchebag…

  16. Long Live King Hellmuth!

  17. No excuse to act the way he does time and time again, hes a fucking
    immature bitch that no high stakes players take seriously when he does that

  18. We get a professional in any other competitive field and the kind of
    behaviour Helmuth shows would get him suspended at the least. You don’t
    like Negreanu’s tweets and vlogs? Don’t look at them. Unlike Helmuth you
    have the choice to avoid them, if you like watching poker you have no
    choice but watch the immature and babyish behaviour. I want to watch poker
    not a bitch prove he is a bitch. Seriously that was just a plainly stupid
    thing to say mate.

  19. Do ppl really wanna grow old and die? Na id rather just stay a child and
    live forever

  20. 1:18:18 “And Phil gets more confident, gets more chips, gets more… white
    power. White MAGIC”

  21. Hellmuth wins this like a true bitch, grow the fuck up manchild

  22. I love the fact that it’s esfandiari who gets to call the match.

  23. your either an idiot or a genius.

  24. not true

  25. The best drinking game ever, drink every time Lon McEachern makes a
    mistake. Im hammered lol