2013 as a comeback year for Erick Lindgren

Erick Lindgren has won his second gold bracelet at WSOP No Limit Hold’em tournament yesterday. Last two years were very much struggling for famous poker player Erick Lindgren. He was even able to pay his gambling debts.

As we know, poker is a game of luck and it is very hard to make the final table without luck. He has to face a lot during his life but he is happy with his struggle. It was very tough for Erick Lindgren to make the final table with so many popular faces. But he is extremely happy with his victory. He was looking for his second gold bracelet from last many years.

I have to work harder and it was my luck that I have to start again from bottom. Initially, he was participating in small poker events only to improve his skills. The year 2013 was extremely lucky for Erick Lindgren. He has made several final tables during the same year, including at williamhillpoker.com.

He finished second at WPT championship with second highest chip counts. When he was declared as WSOP winner, the moment was truly crazy for him. This was the biggest achievement of his life and he never wants to forget it.

According to Erick Lindgren, it was not possible to win the final title without his wife support Erica Schoenberg. She is the best supporter of Erick’s life and she is truly amazing. Erica was almost near tears when she came to know Erik has won his second gold bracelet. Erica said that she is really proud of him. They got married last year and their life has been changed forever. Erica was really lucky for Erick Lindgren poker career. There was a time when I was very selfish person but now I am a loving man and lucky too.