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About Poker Masters Debut

Poker Masters is known to be a high stakes series that spans five events. It is a live event, offering an expansion of what PokerGo offers.

It debuted this month and was also a streaming service that was provided on demand.

As the World Series of Poker came to an end last month, PokerGo subscribers were ready to see what was up next and they had something to look forward to, this premier streaming service on demand. “Poker After Dark” was rebooted and launched and it was declared in July that Poker Central would be debuting Poker Masters in September at the Aria Resort and Casino.

The high stakes poker tournament spanning a week comprised of four buys in the events of $50,000 each; there were buy events that spanned two days each while one buy in event spanned three days.

The live streaming was done on PokerGo and Poker Masters commenced on September 13th. Poker Masters ran till September 20th and there were high stakes games to watch every day with a single day of respite provided on Sunday, September 17th. The streaming schedule of the different events of Poker Masters was listed on PokerGo website. Every buy in event of value $50,000 had a single reentry allowed while the buy in event of $100,000 had a freeze out that did not allow reentries. Every event had a thirty second time limit for every shot and time extensions were provided to players as well. The Purple Jacket was advertised to be the coveted win for the Poker Masters championship title. The jacket was designed by Waraire Boswell, who is known to tailor for celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Will Smith and athletes as well. Subscribers were able to watch the events of the Poker Masters live on the site.