25 thoughts on “Amazing Poker Hand WSOP 2011 and funny commentaries”

  1. Nobody gonna put Mr. Brazil on 5-3 unless they already gamed with him and
    saw he’s crazy, lol.

  2. think he had a plan to represent any 10 or any heart on the river as well..
    so in his mind he had 14 perceived outs

  3. always funny to watch the comments of the ” real pros ” just keep playing
    micro 1 cent game and shut up 

  4. Only donks can´t see the genius play by Laborda. Like a guy say here: “-If
    was Negreanu, Ivey or Hellmuth it was a genius play”. The donk in this
    poker hand is Bonkowski, terrible call. 

  5. terrible call in river , only top pair top kicker, ridiculous call, call
    for 15th nuts lollllll

  6. You are extremely terrifying, We are trembling in fear of your mighty
    monitoring of the comments. Honestly though, haven’t you got anything else
    to do? Hahahah…

  7. Brazillian would have to be the worst in the world. No surprise when there
    shit eating dog eating money anal loving cocksucking faggots.

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