• Felipe Vanegas

    +Philandros it isn’t a stupid fold because of the hand, it is a stupid fold
    because of the size of the river bet, with 4.2 M on the pot, calling 1.6 M
    with top two should be easy… it would have been a nice and reasonable lay
    down if Robbins would have bet at least 2.5 M… it is unlikely to see a
    re-raise on the flop with a pair of J’s, in that case he would have just
    called the flop, the only hands he could have been playing like that would
    be 77, 7J, a bluff or a semi-bluff, ’cause any player would 3-bet AA, KK,
    JJ or SOMETIMES EVEN 77, KJ, AJ, from the button to a min raise preflop,
    besides, button hand ranges are wide, that’s why I would have put him on 7J
    or a busted flush draw and called the river bet at least to see if I was
    right… actually, Gee should have check-raise the turn with top two pair
    to protect his hand against a possible scary card like T, Q, J, 7 or any
    heart on the river and to find out where he is in the hand…

  • Felipe Vanegas

    I was gonna say folding wasn’t that stupid, then I saw the bet sizing and
    regret, he should have called

  • Hubert J

    folding top 2 pair in head’s up with only one straight draw possible no
    flush options only sick full house call about 2 milion fold 1,6 pretty
    stupid fold and no doubt about it

  • Philandros

    There are fairly many hands that can beat his two pairs, pocket kings,
    pocket aces, pocket 7’s, any jack hand and queen 10. I’m not saying it’s
    like that he has either, but the possibility was there.

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