Andrew Robl reading a new book

Andrew Robl is reading controversial book “Ship it Holla Ballas” these days. According to his statement everything written in the book is completely true and quite interesting too. He has read the book and it is quite interesting. The book includes one chapter that explains the story of 19 years boy. In this story, the crew has explained how he has used internet o become craziest, richest, and proudest player in the poker world. The book not only covers the highlights but it explains the inside story. This is the reason why book has become so popular in a short time span.

Robl was popular in mid 2000 for crushing Internet poker with his close friends. At that time he was living a royal life style and fast paced party life. When I think about all those past moments I just shake my head slowly. This was a true story of Robl’s life. But it has not shocked him as author has taken various interviews with Robl and he has explained number of facts himself about his past life. He don’t want to think about the past time again. Everyone learns from his own mistakes and it is necessary to move forward with positive attitude.

Now Robl has changed completely as compared to his younger time. Now he is very much calm and positive towards life. Recently he has won $1 million at Aussie Millions main event 2013. In the younger age, he usually love to party for several hours or days after such a big victory. But today he is taking everything considerably positive and calm. He is doing less party as compared to past. Now he is mature and he just wants to prove himself. According to Robl, you should not write your stupid moments over Internet.