Exceptional poker skills

Allen Cunningham is one of the most consistent players on the universe. He is respected by his colleagues and opponents. He is considered as a perfect combination of analytic approach and discipline which is quite hard to find anywhere else in the poker world. He was born in 1977 and he started his poker career at a very young age. Initially he was playing poker around the kitchen tables only. He was good at poker hands and able to beat his family members easily. He was waiting for the day when he could walk into a casino and play against skilled opponents.

After his schooling, he joined the UCLA University for completing his degree in civil engineering. During his higher studies, he was spending most of his times at poker table not in the classroom. He started his early career as Pizza delivery boy when he was staying with his parents. He was spending his spare time in a land based casino where he was playing with low limit bankrolls and free roll tournaments.

Poker was a hobby for Allen Cunningham and he was enjoying his moderate success at land based casinos. It was a source of fun for Allen Cunningham and he was able to manage few bucks with this play. During his second year at UCLA University, he was beating skilled players consistently. He was participating in major poker event, poker tournaments and wining big cash prizes. He was playing with thoughtful best against the opponents.

You will not believe but he was only 19 years old when he was getting immense popularity and success in the poker world. As a teenager, he was performing remarkable but still there was an obstacle. Under 21, he was not allowed to participate in land based casinos. This was the place where he could enjoy real actions against experienced players. He decided to improve his poker skills to take his game to a differently new level.