Farzad Bonyadi Deserves Honorary Fete in Poker

Poker has been predicated as one of the entertainment avenues that spawn a two-prong benefits offer to players, including the electrifying entertainment and a source of sustainable income. In fact some players have invested not only time and resources but are professional poker players who lean on their game’s outcomes to eke out a living. One of the players who turned his hobby to a profession is Farzad Bonyadi. Having played LHE poker to horn skills earlier, he decided to throw his hat into the realms of globally recognized events. He has wittingly raked in earnings and increased the size of his bankroll, but there are exemplary performances that have shaped his career, extricating him from murky oblivion and propelling him to the limelight.

In 1998, at the WSOP $2K Limit Hold’em event he clinched a first bracelet alongside a humongous $429,940. He also had a final table at the $1,500 7-Card Stud Split tournament, emerging 6th and took home $15,060. The next year, he was leaving nothing to chances as he made a final table at WSOP $3K Limit Hold’em tournament and placed sixth, Farzad Bonyadi also played the same in 2003.That year was his first WPT final table where he was 5th at the Legend of Poker tournament for above $70K and emerged 8th later in the WPT two months down the line. In 2004, he won another WSOP gold bracelet in a $1K Deuce to 7 Triple Draw. To bolster his resume even more, he won the next WSOP title $2,500 No Limit Hold’em event to garner $594,960. One cannot belittle his proclivities for the game as he is inclined to get more winnings and coveted titles under his belt.

Bonyadi amassed more finishes at the WPT and World Series of Poker tournaments and various final tables. Most recently, he placed 2nd in the 2011 $5K No Limit Hold’em at the 5 Star WPC, Bellagio, and later, he was to finish second again at the World Poker Tour $25K where he netted a whopping $1, 061, 900. He continues to bet in live events to date, with his perspicacity in moves, his eclipse will be cleared soon.