Grayson Physioc – Mastering the game

Grayson Physioc was willing to prove himself in world of poker by earning as much as more amount by playing medium stakes of Sit and Go. He reached the throes fame by 2007. He won $25,000 by playing $60 tournaments in one month. As a result bet was placed beside him, and Grayson won $25,000 just within 21 days. In initial days he faced struggle while playing online poker games during his college days, but as time passed, he became a profitable player.

Grayson is popular and known by his nickname “spacegravy” on the screen of PokerStars. His home town is Las Vegas, and lives among few of the world’s best players to take him ahead in the rank chart of the poker players. Now a day, he is better known as revolutionizing multi-tabling poker player, as he was the first one to play with high stakes in large volume for Sit and Go’s; and proved that profit cash prize can be turn on while playing such games. Now he plays multi-tables games of 25-30 tables, he proved himself in the year 2008 by playing high-stakes game in full ring Sit and Go’s and he counted himself in chart list of great earnings PokerStars players.

Eventually he became master in playing Sit and Go game, Grayson is even fond of playing online and live tournaments of multi-table games. He has successively made many major runs in most of the PokerStars events, which include his victory of $76,000 in the Super Tuesday event as well a fabulous win of $45,000 in multi-rebuy event by spending a sum of just $200. He has even cashed out from the World Series of Poker held in Las Vegas, and occupied 11th rank position in the great event at the finals of European Poker Tour held at Monte Carlo in the year 2009 by earning profit prize of $127,541.

Grayson is fond of travelling and enjoys meeting new persons in his normal routine free time, he has even volunteered farm the turtle rescue at Costa Rica. He loves to spend his time while teaching other players, and blogs out experience he had at time of playing online poker games. The day is not far when Grayson will prove himself to be the tiger of the poker world.