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Martin de Knijff has helped keep the Swedish flag flying in poker

One of Swedish poker professional players whose name is indelible in the best player’s top-notch list is Martin de Knijff. He rose to prominence by playing intermittently at international poker events. He has played widely at the regional European and global poker circuits where he has performed formidably well.

His penchant since the nascent phases of his poker experience is focused on Omaha and Hold’em games that he has featured greatly. Considered as one of Swedish, his resume boasts a string of magnificent winnings that have enabled him to cement his reputation. Nevertheless, viewed through the Swedish poker lens, he is among the most-renowned players at home.

To expose himself to the international audience, he played at the 2002 WSOP Main Event where he placed 13th to wring out $60,000.

On the same year he played at the World Poker Tour where he placed 15th in the first series championship to take home $26,664 and also won the same event the following year to earn a whacking $2,728,356. His other notable feat came in the 2004 World Series of Poker $5,000 NLHE where he placed second.

The Card Player Magazine also featured Martin in the top-ten list on August 2005, this served to extract him from the poker oblivion where he has been eclipsed since his appearance at the WSOP.  Though embodying a terse resume and a few wins here and there, he is especially renowned in his backyard as not many Swedish players have played at global events.

As of 2008, his live tournament’s winnings exceeded $3,370,000, this paints of a money-making gambler though his prize portfolio is still empty. If he returns, we expect he comes reinvigorated and clinch a trove title or squeeze earnings from high-profile poker tournaments.