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Mike Matusow

When you look for playing the games around you, you can find n number of games to play so. One such game turns out to be the Poker game, which can make you gain interest and also pleasure too. Playing this game can not only give you these alone, it can still make you feel good, as you can earn fame and prize money too. There are many professional players who play this game, among which you can really never forget Michael Matusow, who is an American player knowable for winning the WSOP bracelets which are numbered as 4.

Written an autobiography:

Mike was born on April 30th 1968. It was by the year 1990, he started playing Poker. He was initially the Poker dealer too, which can give him the ease to learn the game comfortably. It was by the age of 18, Mike engaged himself in playing Poker in video mode, which took place mainly in Maxim Casino. It was by the year 2009, he wrote an autobiography under the name as Check Raising the Devil. He turned winning 4 WSOP bracelets proudly for his act of playing game, also those which he did in the years 1998, 2002, 2008 and also in 2013 respectively.

In the year 1999, Mike gave a dazzling blow to Alex Brenes by defeating him in Heads-Up battle, thereby he acquired his 1st WSOP bracelet. By defeating Daniel Negreanu, he achieved his 2nd WSOP bracelet in 2002. It was by the year 2005, Mike turned winning WSOP Tournament of Champions thereby giving the defeat to Hoyt who engaged in Heads-Up. Thus this win made him to turn gaining the cash worth of 2 million, which is even 1st in the history of WSOP. It was in the year 2013, Mike gave the defeat to his fellow player Mathew and won the 4th bracelet.