Poker Boy: Benjamin Statz

This poker guy had left the table completely turned around from one side to the other at the world series of poker (WSOP) 2010 with a fine win set up against the A-K UB.com qualifier to the championships Christopher Bolt. A match who never seemed to be on this man’s side lucidly with acuity emulated his counterpart. At the $10,000 dollars buy in feature tourney, he had kept the mob gleaming into the game being played and the events turning on to his side. Nevertheless, it is referred to as the best season for this man. He had even showed the door to a very keen minded poker player, Mark Meloche on the day 7 of the WSOP tournament.

The score of that particular match was 9-9-8-10 having two cubs with him and tabled on with q-9 chips. Statz played a behemoth match against Christopher Bolt as well and survived the tournament list on the 7th day in the year 2010. However he found an exit with an impressive rank of 16th at the WSOP tallying $396,000 in his pockets puffed up. As the databases reveal Statz to be the only poker player during a major event in 2002 US poker championship held in Atlantic City. He has been in the poker circuit for a long time and also seen in the online poker gaming arena.

The WSOP 2010 has been a stage for him to display his best as he did not disappoint the fans. He has a record of being a lone New York guy who finished 6th in a $500 o limit hold’em tournament for just a $2500. The 2010 WSOP main event was his first marked money finish in his poker career. He has the potentialities to win back on demands and in critical conditions makes him a good player.