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Rick Block tops final 6 in the second day of Western New York Poker Challenge

The pack played down from fifty players to only 6 on the second day of the Western New York Poker Challenge 2016 Main Event earlier on Sunday, and Rick Block would begin on top in the fight for the later on Monday.

The twenty-eight player money bubble burst part way via the day when Rick broke through Timothy Andruschat’s kings with an infirm ace and the playdown to an unauthorized final table of ten went rather fast.

By the clock they reached there, Mike “The Mayor” Rellinger got short and fell in tenth. Very soon after that, Jeremy Halaska bowed out in 9th and Jeff Wells gave Block the lead, squeezing 2nd pair into Ricks set of aces to leave in 8th.

The last 6 was attained just after when Frank Dellaria lost a classic race along with big sleek to Dan Wagner’s queens. Wagner made a huge stack by making a purge against Joseph Elia’s foundered top 2 duo in a huge pot at final two tables, and after breaking Dellaria, he would come into the last 6 only a handful of chips behind Block.

Newton Graziano, Ray LaRouech, Joseph Reichenbacherand Charles Johnson, and round out the last 6, and are all within hitting distance of the 2 leaders, but his would be Rick and Wagner’s names on the marquee when matters get roaming inside Niagara Falls Poker Room at 12 pm. local time later on Monday.