Selbst, Weisner Lock down Big Tourney Wins

Selbst and Weisner are two popular female poker players who have proved themselves once again. They have won big live tournament last weekends. This is the reason why both of them are ranked at the top in the poker history. Selbst is the number one female poker player who has proved that gender does not matter if you have the talent. She fought in Bellagio against popular poker players and easily took the title of $90k. Her performance is really appreciable and inspirational for other female as well as male poker players.

Selbst was the winner, Justin young came second, and Daniel Negreanu was finished with third position. According to stats, 2012 was a wonderful year for Selbst. She was one of the luckiest players who were able to manage he funds this year. According to her statement, she was very much fortunate that she ran finally at the tough final table.

The same is the case with female poker player Weisner. She is also busy in earning huge funds at live tournaments. She also loves to play poker online. She is much trendy and beautiful. She has established a good reputation at the live poker tournaments. In last few years, she has made five top finishes at the live tournaments. According to latest news, she is doing commendable at South Africa live poker tournament.

Her total earning in live tournaments is $550,000 which is quite amazing in short time span. People are expecting a lot from her in the future also. I think, everyone in the world is familiar with two most beautiful female poker players and their achievements. Weisner loves to wear stylish outfit. She is spending royal life with modern accessories. Everyone is proud of her because of her talent and incredible achievements.