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Surinder Sunar has played intermittently but has earned plethora bucks

Poker has transformed tremendously in the recent years, in most developed countries where gambling rules are not overly strict, there are lucrative wagering platforms to exploit. In fact this has seen the exodus of players from less-developed countries to developed ones where the grass is greener.

Though born in India, Surinder Sunar is now based in Wolverhampton from where he plays poker today. His participation in a wide array of poker games has seen him enlarge his bankroll and participate high stakes games where he has left an indelible mark. His rise to prominence in the poker circles came when he made three finals in the popular Late Night Poker series that are televised. His short career is an inspiration for players who are looking forward to harness the industry for fame and wealth.

Sunar won the Season III WPT Grand Prix de Paris tournament; he defeated Tony G in a heads-up battle, sitting expressionless while his opponent hurled distracting words throughout the game to take home a whacking €679,000 first prize.

He also placed third in the 2012 English Poker Open; the final table hosted Chris Bjorin alongside Mickey Petersen to walk away with £35,880. However, Sunar was to vanish from the corridors of gambling and has hardly been spotted in major events in poker and has not made tremendous accomplishments. From the foregoing, with the painstaking nature and strictness of poker, failure to play consistently may have negative impact. Nevertheless, his few tournaments where he has thrown his hat in the ring have seen him take home humongous amounts of money.

As of January 2015, his overall live events earnings were above a mouth-watering sum of $4,650,000 with his thirty-one cashes at the WSOP accounting for $675,135. To this end, though playing intermittently, his few games have enabled him to become a millionaire poker player.