Who Knows Sam Holden ?

Eight million seven hundred thousand dollars ($8.7m) is no little money especially if it is won in a game of poker. Most people who are not aware of the worth of this poker game are missing out of the fun because it is not only money that is involved in this card game.  There is excitement and euphoria of suspense that is in this card game which is why British would not let the prize be this year.  There is one Briton, Mansour Matloubi who won the most popular form of poker called Texas Hold ‘Em poker in 1990 and that has been the old dying pride of British until now.

We have Sam Holden from London’s West End who is going to compete against other poker players in this year’s main event. He is a shy person whose hair makes him look like a carefree student but this does not make him less a player. He is the hope of British and has promised his country that he would be coming back with the gold bracelet.  It was while he was studying his forensic science degree when he began playing poker game and this was for fun.  It was when he won a decent hourly wage from his consistent winning of his poker games did he become a professional after his education.

Look at shy Sam Holden a professional player who has played for four years making his first debut in World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament this year. We have seen more experienced players coming into this year’s tournament which is why his entry is causing ripples around the players of poker. The question is, will Sam Holden make British proud? This is a question that would be answered in WSOP at the end of the tournament which would be hot and sizzling.