• Shiplodicus

    He wasn’t beaten by 2 river cards but he was beaten by the same guy… himself. Ben Lamb does not lose all his chips in those two hands.

  • slicer1028

    WRONG moron..the 2nd hand he was never ahead of giannetti..he had ace high until the river..dipshit.

  • raduquuu

    i feel a little bad about laborda he lost two times with flush over full,so sick and so cold-deck.

  • SocrTrump

    LOL on the Phils comment though. I’ve noticed that myself. Don’t forget Phil Galfond though! lmao

  • SocrTrump

    I would discredit your argument of Jamie Gold, Jerry Yang, etc. as being counterexamples in the argument because I believed the issue we are arguing about to be whether bad players do well IN THE LONG RUN. Jame Gold and Jerry Yang did very well in one tournament, but have literally nothing else to show for the hundreds of hours of poker they have played since then. Doesn’t that solidy my argument that luck does not last year after year?

  • SocrTrump

    If ‘so we are told by the pokermedia’ implies that they are lying to us, I assure you that every major poker tournament is thoroughly documented and results displayed on various sites as well as through the media. thousands of tweets by those attending these events verify that these results are not made up.

  • THERollyboy123able

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  • KariFani

    Well, so we are told by the pokermedia and that’s the classic argument. My counter is Jamie Gold, Jerry Yang and these old bearded guys who have reached the final table.

    You forgot Phil Laak, Phil Collins, Phil Gordon. Year after year every guy named Phil plays like a God. Why hasn’t Brunson changed his name to Phil Brunson? It seems only guys named Phil deserve credit.

  • SocrTrump

    Yea right. Cuz Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth etc. are just lucky year after year after year after year huh?

  • KariFani

    The biggest joke of today’s society is to worship these players. “Good player” and “bad player”. It’s all about luck, just look at the guys who have won during the years. It just goes to show, that it’s all about luck. This Giannetti is just a lucky mug, nothing more.

  • KenyanImport

    Yes we all know your communist manifesto teaches you that the end justifies the means.

    You can proudly add HYPOCRITE to the many foul disgusting personality traits and mental disorders you suffer from.

  • wspsaves

    What isn’t brought to you by corporate greed in Western, Industrialized society? It so happens I enjoy the game of poker. You can’t make the argument that because your implement for putting out a fire was originally welded in fire you shouldn’t use that implement to put out the fire. That’s a bogus argument. I spend 3-4 hours a week watching this, 7-8 hanging out with friends, and the rest working, studying, or Occupying. So get off your high horse you sad, unhappy little man.

  • KenyanImport

    How dare you entertain yourself with these games brought to you by corporate greed you hypocrite have you no shame? …never mind I already know you dont. lol

  • wspsaves

    Pretty unlucky, but he has to know it’s a boat or a bluff, so there’s no hand he’s beating. Especially the first hand. He didn’t even have the nut flush the first hand. He doesn’t play very good pot control and winds up being pot committed to call when the only thing he’s beating on a very loaded board is a stone cold bluff. Great players navigate these situations considerably better, can fold flushes, etc.

  • pits85s

    gianetti is the kind of player who bets only with the nuts,i cannot understand why other players pay him,,,laborda paid him out for 10 million chips,,that s a joke..and this man gianetti might win the main event,,i totally wish an aggresive player like lamb or collins to win the tournament

  • razzydazzle99

    stupid spic, completely clueless on how to play. get back to brazil and play in your third world game you fucking perv pedo ass stasche faggot

  • kidacao

    labordad did play bad the K9s hand but he wasnt that bad, noone gave him credit for the QQ vs AA hand where he lost the minimum.

    also hating on someone just because he runs good is beyond stupid

  • subaruwrxsti300

    laborda really isn’t much of a good poker player, that is true, but how unlucky can you be to get beaten by 2 river cards… by the same guy…