• Amph1tryons

    it’s shown across the world on youtube.com doesn’t mean it wasn’t produced in America with a target audience of Americans, who gives an F if they follow the Americans more closely than the Russian guy?

  • aidanmccabe1981

    how do you figure that as the show is shown across the world??
    thats the stupidest reply to any post i ever made on youtube!!
    you fit the streotype of a typically dumb american

  • Kajjeh

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  • cakemaphoneige

    For all those wondering why so much has changed here since the end of day 7 – this is the beginning of episode 29, day seven ended with episode 26. So theres 2 whole episodes of play missing from this guys episode posts, this episode is halfway through day 8, not the beginning of it.

  • aidanmccabe1981

    such bs, anyone who is not from the USA is overlooked, the ukrainian and the irish guy make huge jumps and they dont even show how they made their chips??? WTF?? if phil collins went for a piss they would follow him to the toilet

  • 123THERollyboy

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  • jebwatson

    Damn, why can’t we see the last of day 7? Barnhart, Lenaghan and others were (apparently) eliminated.

  • mbelma6329

    Sucks we don’t get to see the like 10 eliminations between this and the previous episode. Where is Lenaghan’s elimination?

  • coolnightskate

    @Heroeslll if you didn’t see the edited episode, he doubled up KJ against AJ on KJJ flop and 5 bet shoved the flop. was hoping to see the live coverage of it myself.

  • champions20000009


  • Cali3087

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  • MrJames3312

    not really cos the commentators will know that 4 has been folded already, cos of the pocket cam so thats y they sayin an Ace only.

  • Gmichels07

    I don’t know why the commentator said Khoa Nguyen was from China. He’s Vietnamese and from Canada (i guess cuz i saw the Canadian flag next to his name)