• AslamProductionz

    and also a football final is better…cause poker only good when your playing…or when you wanna know how a certain pro plays a certain hand…apart from that watching it like this is Bollocks….

  • AslamProductionz

    Bruv your deluded remember poker is a card game mixed with luck…..if u think poker is a sport then your thicker then kim kardashian 2 times…its setup like this cause its getting more and more popular…

  • veryhotpersonality95

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  • haixu1234

    i dont like this set up because you cannot know how the players handle the cards if he’s bluffing or not

  • Illawong

    I think the point he is making is that in a football final people looking on can see what is happening. Without the hole camera spectators in a poker final have very little idea what is going on. The old system allows more involement.

  • rocky198400

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  • jimbuckleybarrett

    I agree but it would be nice to see the cards at the end of each hand no matter what. I would also like to see what players are folding pre and post flop.

  • coreycunninghamkarl

    What a stupid stupid comment. How is a football final more important than a poker world series?

  • kvnd7331

    i think the coverage is awesome i dont know why everyone hates it, you get to see every hand and get to actually think about the plays they are making rather then the cards they have

  • TheMagicalwispers

    To those of you complaining about not seeing the cards… this is live. The Nevada Gaming Commision wouldn’t like people seeing the cards before the hand is over, might be a good place for people to cheat eh?

    If you want to see the cards, wait for the produced programs later where they can show the cards during the hand.

  • dlporter198

    Not showing the cards takes the emotional involvement out of watching the game. Now I’m not hoping or rooting for anything. I’ve become a passive viewer, and it is idiotic not to show the cards. What is the value? I don’t even want to watch.

  • karoshiman

    It’s way better, than the normal format, where it was most of the time like this: “Ouhh… XXX is allin with Kings… YYY calls and flips over Aces… blablabla”… you saw very seldomly real poker hands, just the aforementioned bullshit. I can only support this format!

  • fazhion21

    la cagarooonnn en todoo, desde la entrada, los comentaristas i los jugadores estos se me hace qe tiennen todos la cara de idiota, le qitaron lo emocionanteee nada comooo la wsop 2010