• RoyMunsoned

    lol, he’s obviously not 3betting 650k to 2.5m , and heinz started that hand with 28bbs not 20

  • LennyWei

    But Heinz was shoving for a steal from the button position. With 20bb what else can you do if you want to steal the blinds and antes? Of course he had to move all in there. What else can he do? Raising to 2.5 million and leave himself with 5.5 million behind to play post-flop? (which gives Heinz about 1 to 1 pot-odds to push on the flop anyway). And there is no way an aggressive player like Heinz will fold KJ suited, on the button, and short stacked. He had to move in there.

  • ashton77

    Fine but that was after the big stack raised and would have no trouble calling the 20bb short stack after raising 1st himself. Its dif. if heinz would have reraised a smaller stack, but even that was risky, borderline dumb with a B hand. If heinz LED OFF with KJ all in, thats a little dif. again repping a much better hand then he had to scare off opp. Bottom line he still had wiggle room with his stack and should have waited for a better hand or at least not challenged the big stack.

  • LennyWei

    Heinz was short stacked and he moved all in with about 20 bbs…whats wrong with that? Even though KJ suited is weak, he’s short and with blinds and antes that high, you have to make a move sooner or later. If everyone folded and Heinz took the blinds and antes, you won’t even talk.

  • LennyWei

    OMG EFFING GOD GUYS!!!!! WHO THE HELL EVER WINS IN POKER WITHOUT LUCK!??!?!!?! OF COURSE EVERYONE GETS LUCKY…so does Phil Ivey, Isildur1, all those top pros get lucky!! Heinz throughout the main event had shown himself to be a great player, and if you watched the final table (the entire thing), Heinz played just absolutely great. Only the donkeys and amateurs would say that people wins WSOP ME only with luck.

  • ashton77

    That heinz move just goes to show you that any idiot (heinz) can win the world series main event,almost no matter what you do, if you get a handfull of lucky endings to your donkey play.

  • spyu

    Why would you 4 bet then nod off and then be all like “What?! how much is all in?!” He obv had nothing. Just wasting time trying to save face.

  • ikweetbeter

    is in it weird pius heinz got so lucky, he won the wsop after getting lu on riverz

  • THERollyboy123

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  • nguyenimproved

    no suspense since theres another 12 chapters to go we know heinz couldnt have lost this hand…

  • russian007royal

    I will bet anything that Collins had KK and Anton folded QQ…..sik hand cant wait for it 2 air on tv….. maybe AA for colins but i think KK

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