• edwinaisobese

    completely 100% agree with you, I used to love the game, but the bad beats are just so common and so damn brutal.

  • Head318Hunter

    38:42 I guess that’s why I ultimately quit playing poker and I think that’s why it’s popularity has plummeted in the past 3-4 years. It simply SEEMS to happen way more than 5% of the time that it mathematically “should”. It’s the only form of competition I’ve ever encountered where you can completely outplay your opponent and still get your ass kicked. I once flopped a boat and was a 99.3% favorite and I lost to runner, runner. The dude beat me with a .7% chance. He was clueless to the trap 🙁

  • serratop

    Jealousy hurts, I know. If you are interested; I am in Vegas June and July for the WSOP and if I don’t play tourneys, I am playing in Boby’s Room in the Bellagio. Also the month of Dezember I am in Vegas. The other time I play at the high roller table in my home club Itapiranga in Porto Alegre if there are no national or international south america tourneys on. Allways welcome, loser. And now leave me alone, no time to answer more crap comments.

  • TanteDetlef11

    Did anyone ask you for a comment ?! On Youtube everyone thinks he s a pro and that is lol. but with your million dollar cashes you know what you are talking about

  • serratop

    How can you judge people you don’t even know. And you go around the comments and give comments to people who didn’t ask you for. Get a life, loser, and leave others alone. May be you know the Dunning-Kruger Effect because you got it. Loser.

  • myporno888

    can someone please explain, at 29:02, kelly would have a 10 on the river, that makes a set of 10s which beats debus’s set of 9s. how can kelly be drawing dead?

  • zaferbaba

    how can Barnhardt fold preflop Kings?best laydown i have ever seen, because the other person has the only 2 cards, which can beat the kings.crazy

  • LJayGPS

    But you can’t say all Germans act like him.
    I fucking hate some american pokerplayers, but no way everyone at all!!

    I’m German as well, and I hate Heinzelmanns playing as much as You do, trust me!

  • vanthiectu

    Poker is not poker, when you have nothing to lose..Only when you have something to lose then its poker, otherwise it is not!!!