25 thoughts on “WSOP 2011 Main Event Part 8, Day 4 (2011 World Series of Poker Episode 14)”

  1. berlin is funny and its fun to watch, we dont watch this show to see 9
    robots to play. I can watch that shit online…

  2. Berlin is half-right: He would have gotten all of Alexs’ chips if he had
    hit an Ace on the flop, but if he was really skilled, he should have thrown
    away his limped AK-high to the half-pot bet on the flop, especially
    considering his stack.

  3. Like Hellmuth better! At least Hellmuth complains about something thats
    true this guy berlin is just trying to be llike Hellmuth

  4. @naruto345212 He’s clueless himself because he is trapping with AK when
    nothing is on the flop thats not trapping thats floating and hoping ;D…
    man that AJ was just lovely based on his jackass level ;D… Chino Rheem
    and Cheong would have said “nice hand…”

  5. did Berlin realy thought hes traping a guy with A high preflop? and more
    realy hes traping him with top pair top kiker ? how stupid

  6. @MrHagmans Hellmuth does have a tendency to annoy the crap out of me, but
    Berlin just makes me wanna slap him across the face.

  7. Christ, at least Hellmuth is actually good, and his rants are somewhat
    grounded in reality.

  8. I mean I don’t care if Berlin wants to be a jackass, but who the fuck does
    he thing he is? He obviously knew he was on camera. Fucking douche

  9. @cheshela I fully agree! planters instict moment was about a awesome call
    or decent play, Jack links hands are usually badly played, with almost
    always people lucking on the river

  10. berlin is just trying to soak up the 5 min of fame and be the next
    “hellmuth” even though he has no poker playing ability at all and clearly
    sucks at acting.

  11. its funny that 99% of the 21 comments are about this berlin guy lmao, He
    sure made a name for himself…. too bad it wasnt in a good way… hes the
    most hated guy on this youtube video 😛

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