• AggelosAg

    7:43 this is the time that you make him believe you have nothing but that fucking luck rapes you EVERY time

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  • TheReven1

    I felt for Deeb on that one. That is about as bad a beat as I have seen, but I have to admire his professionalism when he took it to the gut.

  • fpspaul83

    Heinzelmann made a terrible misread and shoved all in with garbage, Deeb gets incredibly unlucky yes… But players should take notes on these two, Heinzelmann did not shout, he didn’t gloat, he didn’t scream, and he didn’t apologize. Deeb didn’t bitch, make demeaning comments, or yell. Both players acted professionally, and I want applaud them both for the way they handled themselves.

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  • cuervonegro1983

    Well I am not saying that, I’m only saying that AA give you the hand in the preflop, but that doesn’t give you the hand at the end, there are a lot of hands that can beat you, You have bad luck if you lose with AA vs A6, but this is poker and you never know what the cards are going to say.

  • MrUndead115

    : Wow, you really opened my eyes here! So if I get it in preflop against A6 with AA, I probably shouldn’t whine if I lose?

  • cuervonegro1983

    AA not always give you the hand, we must remember that you only have a pair, a lot of hands can beat AA, two pairs, three of a kind….

  • Kajjeh

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  • Ali23imsirovic

    Heinzelman did a nice move w/ the 4 bet but then the 6 bet shove was the dumbest thing ive ever seen.

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