• JMathewsMan

    Yes, for sure. He had to be THINKING “Well the moron sucks out with A,6 off, you can’t beat an idiot”. Those were my thoughts…

  • jkon7

    Why is that unfair? it’s called lying. this is poker. I should be able to say whatever I want to say in a Heads Up pot.

  • n3nshat11

    Daniel said you can tell your opponent you have “kk” when in actuality that is a very unfair advantage for the person speaking. Your opponent doesnt know if you are lying or not and that makes for an uneasy situation headsup. So shut ur donk mouth, lol

  • thefearlessfrog

    not funny to watch, when you can’t see the cards. what a stupid new rule! even the commentators have most of the time no idea what to say.

  • spyu

    The no talking rule is stupid. What happened to Deeb is why everyday people will say poker is all luck and not want to legalize it.

  • Kajjeh

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  • annamariarvm

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  • nguyenimproved

    the hand wasnt over. daniels trying to get a reaction from his opponent. its a good rule. negreaneaus a passive bitch.
    hes stupid.

  • 123ableTHERollyboy

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  • ziggyzags

    At 3:50, Daniel starts talking about his hand and is told he isnt allowed.  Day two has a player on his cell phone texting during a LIVE televised WSOP event. I know you cant discuss your hand, but I dont see how a cell phone can fly under the radar if regulations dont allow INTERPLAYER communication of potential hands.

  • VicenzoV

    Daniel is mostly a passive player. He tries to make it to the river cheaply, and when that happens he usually isn’t the agressor but the one who ends up having to make a decision to either call or fold.

    If you’re allowed to disclose your hand when considering a call on the river, that would give passive players an advantage over those who make the play.

    To base that decision on your opponent’s reaction to you telling him your holecards seems pretty unethical to me.