• ewil69

    +1 for going an entire bracelet interview without smiling lol he looks like a happy guy…………………………

  • hollerback1209

    what a depressed sounding guy, wins an event and sounds monotone like he wants to kill himself

  • iitstu

    He felt the other guy played better and he just got luckier, so he isnt happy about it. Whats wrong with that?

  • sinanyazdia

    give the guy a break, have you ever finale table a large event. its fucking draining. online when it only takes like 5-9 hours and i feel dead after i finale table. so live 3 day, it must be a fucking killer.

  • WaspSnG

    I’m absolutely ecstatic when I win a couple of bucks with whatever really and this guy looks and speaks like his entire family just got massacred, after winning a WSOP event.
    What a fuckin’ guy man…
    Anyone knows how high Selbst ended?