• imluvinyourmum

    Dwan, $3.3 million in online cash games, and thats after losing $5mil to Isildur in under a week.

    + Millions in live cash games and endorsements. Ivey? MONSTER, 20mil online + endorsements.

    Remember, ‘live winnings’ doesnt include entry fee’s or rake like online stats, Hellmuths ‘live winnings’ are13mil, but how many million on entries came out of that? Since Dwan isnt addicted to dice like ivey id say he’s have close to 100mil…

    Hellmuth looks like he’s still grinding $15 SNG’s

  • decho112

    Let tom dwan and phil ivey thought they are the best in fact they just did good in cashgame everyone can do that too i mean if u have bankroll u can play every hand u want and hit some good hand

    and i bet tom dwan never get any bracelet in his life

  • dStrojdStroj

    Jesus, what are you not good at phill?!? You deserve it, just cool it on the bragging…

  • mace9697

    ivey’s constant avoidance of the media may be a product of shyness, but i think he seems to represent what poker was before the boom. traditionally, poker players were bad men, with bad activities. i like and respect ivey, but seemingly all his activities are gambling related; very hard for the public to relate to. i think he feels like a fish out of water when it comes to the media, as do many other members of pokers old guard, used to being seen as criminals.

  • SuperChalkster

    I agree with you, but iveys still an arrogant tw@t. And all the players will tell you that Hellmuth is such a nice guy….. Also although Ivey is a superior cash game player, id still rather watch Hellmuth play for entertainment value. This is why he has his face on millions of beer cans….. a true poker icon. FACT.

  • CorruptedFilms

    This guy is simply one of the best tournament players out there but I would definitely say Dwan and Ivey and many other players on the WPT circuit are much better cash game players than Hellmuth. Anyhow, congrats Phil on winning your 12th bracelet.

  • Cryyysha

    I must say. Phil if you win .. and saying all great thing about other players .. thats class! you are best tournament player right now.

  • crimsom303

    OK he won another bracelet but this guy thinks he´s god….
    For real somebody bitchslap m and wake him the fck up

  • ZenEmir

    it’s because even though he has those parts of him you hate, you still know he’s a good guy 🙂