25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012: Mike Matusow in a Tough Spot”

  1. I can listen to the mouths poker storys all day long. lol his losing storys our the best. lol i think mikey thinks hes the only one who takes big hits in poker lol .everyone gets there ass handed to them.Mikey just makes sure everyone knows about his shit beats lol

  2. you sound like a total donkey with no deep knowledge of poker stick to your online fake chips donkey

  3. Terrible river. Idk if he had 22/33 though, btn would prob raise turn. Tough spot nonetheless.

  4. what a bunch of bullshit… not a good table… LOL.. if they’re NOT good players he should be crushing them because according to Mike he’s the best players there is…. and yet he rarely seems to win against good players at all…. bullshit…

  5. Hey your Dads standing behind you looking for Delta flight #435,l might give em a hand man!!

  6. when an interviewer asks you a question you look at her when you reply… this guy didn’t even look at her once, fking weirdo…

  7. Yeah he looks like crap, Ive never seen him look like this, and for a second there I thought this was a nambla convention…wtf!

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