• sjlnevets

    Hes not making any money off FTP anymore…..If you went from making 100’s of thousands of dollars for stealing peoples money, to making no money you would be depressed too…..

  • Head318Hunter

    I really doubt Mike had anything at all to do with the thieving, but as far as the question of him owing Full Tilt…. highly possible. I’ve done some reading on the scandal and time and again it seems that Lederer and Ferguson are the big crooks. The fact that neither guy shows up anywhere in public further proves their guilt IMO

  • bigspook999

    for all the small minded people, i didnt direct my ftp rage at mike, just using this as a forum to vent my anger. of course mike didnt have anything to do with it fucking idiots

  • thc024

    u guys forget that when u see him on poker after dark ect they have hair and makeup teams ect…..gtfo off his back dude is out there grindin!

  • Abernier3

    talk to lederer, bitar, and ferguson…THE DECISION MAKERS…has nothing to do with the poster boys…

  • Necroticpus

    And he carries a purse. Fitting. I bet he dresses up in drag and sings showtunes in his hotel suite while the tranny prostitute rubs baby oil on his ass and drips hot wax on him.

  • runninglikesyn00

    “and thattttttts the botommmm line cos mike matusow said so,cue the rock theme entrance

  • BeNNNdude

    He worked for Full Tilt Poker. Turns out the site was a scam and pretty much stole all its customers’ money. Since Mike was a well-known employee, a lot of people put blame on him for the scam. I think it’s completely unfair since I don’t think he had any control in the company’s management, so he might not have known anything about the shady company dealings at all.

  • skitkul33

    Despite what have happened to fulltilt and how much he has been involved, I don’t know. But gotta love mike “the mouth” matusow and all of the fun he’s bringing to the pokertables! 😀

  • laffizzle

    i like mike when hes big he makes better decisions on a full stomach. id say its just a food and beer binge after a coke then sober thing