• Zee96969696

    ANderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2 biggest fight this century opinion?????????????? I HOPE SILVA GONNa KNOCK SONNEN OUT AND MAKE IT LOOK EASY CANT WAIT TO SEE THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the tennis superstar joining Pokerstars opinion??? WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!!!!!!!! STICK TO TENNIS!!!!!!!

  • Head318Hunter

    Way to go DN!!! Shame on those scumbags (HL & CF) is dead on correct!! Those two fucks can’t ever go in public again without having to look over their shoulder for a sudden ass beating…. or worse a knife or gun shoved up their asses. They F’d A LOT of ppl. Pisses me off and I’m a PokerStars guy. Never once have I played at Full Tilt

  • Abernier3

    i think he sat out in protest to the full tilt scandal and said he wouldn’t return till people would start getting paid if i remember correctly. but when it seemed like that shit was never going to be resolved he started playing again…and dominating again…

  • melivain

    People never really say anything about Chris Ferguson, they just smear him with the same brush as Lederer just because he was involved in full tilt

  • IvanSrb

    Does anyone know why Ivey didn’t play last year? Was it because of the Full Tilt scandal or something else?


    2011, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a motion to amend a civil complaint, alleging that Lederer, Ferguson and two other directors of the Full Tilt Poker were running a Ponzi scheme that paid out $444 million of customer money to themselves and the firm’s owners. The government is seeking a return of $42 million that Lederer allegedly took from Full Tilt’s customers.

  • huds1223

    what was he on about when he said about ivey not playing last year??? and about ferguson and lederer.???????

  • keyman85

    You should have asked him (like I did on Twitter) about what was said to Annie Duke after she got KO’ed out of an event the other day. That video might have lasted awhile however…lol