• flemwad

    oh dear…why raise there? even putting him on nut flush draw…or even
    flopping the nut flush….let him hang himself…quite terrible play´╗┐

  • likeasamboodeh

    I think what he tried to do is do exactly what a player wouldn’t do when
    flopping the nuts. I guess hes best shot of making hes hand look weak was
    actually raising the nuts, that way he can make it look like he has the A/K
    of spades in hes hand and just wants to take down the pot right there.

  • david smith

    why the fuck would you RAISE the nuts on the flop????? i wouldnt even raise
    the turn terrible poker player

  • PersianMG

    I like it how everyone is a pro on Youtube. I’ve heard of him but maybe his
    style was aggressive and he often check-raised opponents. I for one would
    have also reraised (but when I was first) but that is only because I tend
    to play a lot of hands/bluff a lot.

  • Larry Landay

    Obviously everyone here has never played deep stack poker. If he smooth
    calls, the other guy will almost certainly check fold on the next betting
    round especially on a very coordinated board like this one. He is going for
    the big score. If the other guy has the ace of spades or a flopped flush he
    is going to take him for a huge score. At this point, at this level, you
    are looking to gain a large dollars rather than little pennies.

  • lolipedofin

    if this is 2 handed, yes… but with raising there, he isolates the raiser
    and made the other guy folded. With this stone cold nuts, you want as many
    players as possible to stay in the hand. Of course he had no way to know
    that the other guy has the top pair, but consider this… had he smooth
    called, Balkin would definitely call or even reraise.

  • elotat

    It made me sick watching this, why would he raise? What a fucking twat. No
    wonder Germany lost both wars.

  • Patrick Simmons

    Yes, with a dream flop like that and unbeatable hand, just call and get
    paid off on the turn and river. That was horrible betting.