• Boxxyilu

    Don’t shave it off Daniel, all the people tell you to shave it off are just like jealous women that want the beautiful girl they know to dye her hair, some ugly color!

  • Brisk317

    I like 7 card stud but I would prefer if it was played at Pot Limit opposed to Limit. Example; if I’m showing 4 clubs but I don’t have a flush how am I going to bluff someone off a hand if all they have to do is called one more bet? I feel 7 card stud could be just as popular as Omaha if it was played in a Pot Limit structure. Thoughts?

  • caessarion

    You, you, are SOOO awsome to watch read. God bless you, I wish I could somehow funnel spirit into your game. I love Gabe too. i randomly found this channel, and when I was working was thinken about the hair thing, nothing about your bald spot or anything. Stephan Moleniex was talking about the Indian scouts. I hardly even watch poker anymore. It’s just fate, now grow what hair you have out, pony tail it or some shit. What if you double your intuition? it would’nt be so dumb then.

  • CaughtNTheCrosshair2

    I was just stating my observations about the Vegans that I have met over the years (I should have made that clear in my 1st post). It wasn’t meant as an attack on you personally. I honestly, could care less if you or anyone else wants to eat non-animal based foods. I fully understand that you can get all of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed for a balanced diet, by eating Vegan. I just get irritated by the arrogant Vegans, just as I’m sure you get irritated with us arrogant meat eaters.

  • MikeSkiera

    LOL I just randomly picked Scientific american but I have never read it.

    Eat whatever the hell you want but nobody should feel threatened because someone says they are vegan. Its funny how people say vegans are pompous and egotistic. I have never preached to anyone about becoming vegan but it seems like almost everyday someone is telling me that its unhealthy to not eat meat and there isn’t enough protein in a plant based diet, etc.

  • Engangsbruker

    Daniel no problem, just send me money on pokerstars, its against the rules begging, so I’m simply implying that you should. TarekGG is the name, and Ill be waiting.

  • FormerlyKnownAsShun

    Right, my ex was a vegan – they were also a biology major who fancied molecular genetics jargon as a topical conversation. Very smart gal… On top of that she was an anorexic, borderline/narcissist, sociopath/pathological/compulsive liar. Have fun trying to go out and eat with a vegan while they quote skinny bitch left and right, you’ll have sooooo many choices! You know… like paying $30 for a plate of mushrooms at some fancy vegan restaurant! But hey… at least daniel can afford that right?

  • CaughtNTheCrosshair2

    You go ahead and concentrate on the 39% of those you claim are smarter than us meat eaters, and I’ll keep pointing out the 61% that are dumb as bricks, and are unjustifiably arrogant jackasses.

  • CaughtNTheCrosshair2

    I would give that article some credence however, over the last 20 years I’ve noticed that the Scientific American has turned into a Liberal slanted (politicized) publication. Publishing findings that support, even the most outlandish and unsubstantiated claims, that involve Liberal agenda items (including Veganism). Saying that (statistically), Vegans are more intelligent, is like saying, those who eat more ice cream in the summer are more likely to murder people. 98% of statistics are bullshit.

  • MikeSkiera

    Excerpt from Scientific America article OCT 1998 “studies have shown vegans are 39% smarter than people who eat meat”

  • CaughtNTheCrosshair2

    Oh yeah, you guessed it! I was bullied by a bunch of tree humpin’, leaf munchers! That’s exactly it! It has absolutely nothing to do with listening to every vegan I know, berate meat eaters and act like they are more intelligent and/or better human beings because they are against killing animals for food.

  • CaughtNTheCrosshair2

    No, it’s more about their narcissism and ego. They think they are better than us meat eaters and they have to let us know every chance they get.